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Right now, a new medical breakthrough is on the cusp of changing mankind forever.

It’s a new, revolutionary way to attack the 8 deadliest diseases that afflict people over 55.

I’m talking about devastating killers like colon and pancreatic cancer. Lymphoma and even lung cancer.

The world’s top scientists are calling it the “Holy Grail”… the dawn of an “Enlightened Age”… worthy of a “ticker-tape parade in New York City.”

It has the potential to save nearly 600,000 lives in America… and more than 8 million people around the world – every year

You’re going to want to know about this because…

There’s a 50% certainty that someone in your family will fall victim to one of these eight diseases.

But here’s the good news…

The breakthrough I’m talking about puts us on the verge of a “Universal Treatment.”

Meaning you may never have to fear any of the top killers that now most commonly hit people over 55.

It involves one of the most precise, sensitive technologies ever created in medical history – 100 times more powerful than an MRI.

It’s based on the results of a 13-year collaboration of the world’s top scientists from 20 of the most prestigious research institutions, including MIT, Baylor, and Stanford

And it’s already in use at some of the nation’s leading medical centers like Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the University of Michigan and Mayo Medical.

Legendary oncologist Bert Vogelstein from Johns Hopkins – the man who actually discovered the origin of cancer – said what this miraculous new advance could do deserves its own “ticker-tape parade in New York City.”

Patrick Soon-Shiong, the UCLA surgeon who has created two multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical companies, has said it will help usher in the Enlightened Age of medicine.

Mehmet Toner, professor of surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, calls the potential of this treatment “The Holy Grail” of early detection.

Forbes wrote that…

And here’s the thing…

Even though this breakthrough has been reported on NBC Nightly News, 60 Minutes, and CBS Evening News, most Americans are still in the dark about it….

That’s because it’s only been offered on a very limited basis – and only at a handful of the most prestigious hospitals, like MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas

Outside of this small circle, some doctors – including specialists – haven’t even heard of it.

That’s partly due to its “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” price tag.

Which is one reason only the very rich or well connected have been able to afford the treatment – and the cost of travel to get it.

But I’m telling you about it today because this is all about to change…

This little-known breakthrough has reached its tipping point – a huge one – changing its current status as an “exclusive procedure” in just a handful of locations around the world…

To one that some are referring to as a new Universal Treatment.

Meaning you could soon simply ask for it in any of the 246,000 doctors' offices and hospitals across the U.S. – making what’s about to unfold perhaps the fastest and biggest medical rollout in history.

Dr. Levi Garraway, a scientist at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute says this treatment is currently the top priority at many top-tier research institutions and hospitals.

Even the White House has implemented a $215 million initiative designed to allow every adult in the U.S. access to this brand-new field of emerging medicine, calling it:


And for investors, this treatment’s explosion into the mainstream could transform what is now a modest $100 million industry…

Into a $30 billion medical bonanza – offering potentially massive returns to a limited few who understand the magnitude of this breakthrough.

The size and scope of this medical development is unprecedented.

In the coming years, this treatment could be used by everyone you have ever met.

Including you… your friends… colleagues… your children… your children’s children – and even their kids.

Meaning this could be the longest sustained moneymaking opportunity of your lifetime.

And what makes this treatment so extraordinary is that it’s NOT a new drug.

You won’t be waiting or hoping that the FDA approves it – because they don’t even require it! So you won’t be risking your hard-earned cash on a long shot.

This treatment is ready to roll… and hitting the commercial market now

Because…the cost of this landmark medical advance has just shrunk by as much as 95%.

See, less than 12 weeks ago, it would have cost you upwards of $5,400 per treatment.

But today, you can access these lifesaving benefits for as little as $299.

Placing it within reach of every American, regardless of age or financial status.

That means, no one – including insurance companies – will have to break the bank or travel more than 10 miles to request this miraculous treatment.

It also means…

Those who invest in this market early could watch their money multiply faster than rabbits – by 20, 40, even 50 times…

As annual sales grow from just $100 million today to over $30 billion annually – a colossal jump of 29,900%.

I’m Alex Williams, Publisher of Money Map Press in Baltimore, Maryland.

Our offices are located less than a mile from Johns Hopkins, the epicenter of this incredible development.

Even though I’m right around the corner from Hopkins, I wouldn’t have known about this opportunity if it weren’t for our in-house Capital Markets Strategist, Shah Gilani – a legendary investor who clocked more than 37 years as a Wall Street insider.

For example, I wouldn’t have known that this treatment could identify cancer in seemingly healthy people almost three decades before a symptom shows up.

I also wouldn’t have known that a recently IPO’d company in Massachusetts just built a “factory” specifically designed for the continued advancement of this treatment

Or that Bill Gates, Yuri Milner and Google have invested millions of dollars in this company because they believe that this is the future of ALL CANCER TREATMENT…

I wouldn’t have known that the world’s biggest cancer drug maker has already claimed a $1.03 billion stake in this same startup and plans to distribute their treatments to Europe, China, Canada, Australia, India, and Israel – eventually expanding their patient market eight times over the U.S. alone.

And I would have had no idea that this particular company has the potential to reward investors with gains of up to 724% over the next 12 to 18 months.

Now is this an exceptional projection? Yes.

And as with everything in the markets, nothing is guaranteed. But this prediction should not be taken lightly.

That’s because it took mastermind Shah Gilani, leveraging his far-reaching intelligence network to find the real story – and the biggest profit jackpot – before anyone else understands what’s going on.

Now, Shah’s not a cancer specialist. He’s not an authority on disease.

He IS, however, a consummate expert in predicting the biggest events in financial history – the ones that have given those who follow his work a chance to become incredibly wealthy.  

I’m talking about watershed moments that shift everything we think we know…

Disruptions of such magnitude that entire industries crumble…

As small companies change the world and rake in billions of dollars.

These are paradigm shifts that forever expand what’s possible in our lifetime and beyond.

Today, you’re among the first to get the truly important details about one of these events – well before the masses ever catch wind of what’s really coming.

That’s why I’ve asked Shah to share his research directly with you today.

You’re about to see how this breakthrough will likely extend your life – and the lives of millions of others.

And how you can profit from every single treatment that a small Massachusetts biotech company manufactures – possibly creating the biggest single investment payday you’ll ever see.


What we’re looking at here is a revolutionary procedure that’s about to upend the medical industry.

That’s because this treatment can unlock some of the biggest secrets cancer has been hiding since it was discovered over 3,000 years ago.

To understand how disruptive this is, you first need to see the current and often harmful state of cancer diagnosis…

And then what it would look like if it were replaced by this breakthrough.

Right now, when patients go in for an MRI, the disease shows up like this…

An archaic black-and-white picture that shows the position of the tumor.

Problem is, it tells doctors almost nothing that matters.

Like what kind of cancer it is?

How many different mutations are inside this tumor? 

What medicine will halt its growth?

Which drugs will be a waste of time… and which ones will save a life?

Without those answers, doctors now do little more than guess.

In fact, one expert, surgeon Patrick Soon-Shiong, publicly admitted what few other experts would ever say:

But now, thanks to this revolutionary treatment, the dark age of cancer is over.

Because doctors can now “see” cancer like never before…

And they do this by extracting and decoding a tumor’s own DNA.

It’s the biggest revolution in medicine in over 2,700 years.

You see, tumors do something extraordinary…

They shed their own DNA into a patient’s bloodstream.

Now remember, DNA is the secret code that reveals everything.

It can tell a doctor your sex… what your hair and eye color are… whether you have a learning disorder, and even if you are a night owl or early riser – all without ever seeing you in person!

And that’s the kind of amazing insight we now have into cancer without ever needing to get inside your body and take a biopsy of the tumor itself.

And all it takes is 3 minutes, sitting in a chair. You don’t even need to put a hospital gown on.

Because for the first time in history, doctors can now decode a tumor’s DNA with a simple prick of the finger.

It’s called Liquid Biopsy.

And it has the unprecedented power to pinpoint the precise genetic mutation that makes a disease act the way it does.

And then to help direct doctors to kill that specific mutation and eradicate the cancer.

In other words, the disease itself is now telling doctors how to destroy it.

This gigantic leap forward is like looking at a handful of sand with the naked eye…

Each grain looks pretty much identical.

This is like looking at a tumor using MRI technology.

But with the power to locate and analyze its DNA, that same tumor now looks like this.

Incredibly, this is the same handful of beach sand – just magnified 250 times.

These images make it easy to understand the impact of this quantum leap.

We can now SEE INSIDE mankind’s deadliest diseases.

And the world’s most prominent scientists, leading cancer institutes, and technology’s most brilliant minds all agree this is a major breakthrough in stopping them dead in their tracks…

Which is why I firmly believe you could now multiply your money eight times by investing in one company that’s out to destroy the “old” diagnostics industry – and create an entirely new one…

One with growth potential of 29,900% in the coming year alone.

I’m looking forward to guiding you towards huge returns on this play.

Now, if I hadn’t seen Shah’s strings of triple-digit winners time after time as a result of hugely disruptive events, I might be a little skeptical right now.

But I’ve been a publisher here at Money Map Press for ten years and these are just a few of the top returns I’ve watched Shah rack up:

  • SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) – 455% gain (in less than 2 months)
  • iShares China 25 Index ETF (FXI)371% gain (in less than 3 months)
  • Madison Square Garden (MSG) – 350% gain (in 18 days)
  • Ultrashort Lehman 20+ Year ETF (TBT) – 143% gain (in 36 days)
  • Chipotle (CMG) – 179% gain (in 2 weeks)
  • PowerShares QQQ ETF (QQQ) – 201% gain (in less than two months)
  • (AMZN)100% gain (in 34 days)
  • Vanguard Europe ETF (VGK)287% gain (in 33 days)
  • Herbalife (HLF) – 91% gain (in two weeks)
  • ITT Educational Services (ESI) – 345% gain (in less than four months)

There are plenty more – and you’re going to get a chance to examine them in just a moment.

But first, I’m going to show you the hard facts that prove – without a shadow of a doubt – just how big this liquid biopsy opportunity is for investors…

And why the immense amount of money to be made here is not just some pie-in-sky dream – but the firmest, most direct path to wealth we may ever see in one single play.

Because for the first time in history, liquid biopsy offers…  

One Test Used In Every Stage of Cancer… Diagnosis, Treatment, Recurrence and Remission, PLUS Early Detection in Seemingly Healthy Adults

Meaning that most cancers – especially the 8 deadliest the attack people over 55 – may someday never advance past stage zero or 1… when they’re still easy to remove with disease-free margins.

This is what Shah means by a true watershed moment in the history of modern medicine.

Especially when you look at the possibility of detecting the scariest “silent killers” decades before a patient ever experiences a symptom.

Take colon cancer, for example – perhaps the biggest silent killer in the world. Researchers at Johns Hopkins believe that…

Liquid biopsy could be used to detect a colorectal tumor nearly 27 years before it reaches its end stage.

You heard that correctly…. 27 YEARS!

Imagine the life-saving potential here…

Using liquid biopsy technology to spot that cancer gene and then help tell doctors how to cure it – before any symptoms even appear – could stop 123,000 colorectal cancer patients from dying every year in the United States alone.

Now consider what liquid biopsy could mean for pancreatic cancer…

Another silent killer almost never caught until it’s already untreatable.

But now, a study published in the scientific journal Nature showed that liquid biopsy was able to identify pancreatic cancer mutations in the blood with “striking 100% accuracy.”

And for multiple types of tumors, regardless of their genetic makeup…

Liquid biopsy is so powerful… it can detect the presence of tumors when they are up to 100 times smaller than the tiniest detectable size on an MRI.

Put simply, it no longer allows cancer to hide out in the human body unobserved the way it has for centuries.

Which is why Victor Velculescu of the Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins says he thinks the long sought solution for early detection is finally here.

And consider this…

On average, a tissue biopsy costs $14,634.

Yet a study at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute showed that an easy 5-minute liquid biopsy is four times more effective than an invasive tissue biopsy.

Ask yourself… with liquid biopsy now available, what cancer patient, doctor, or insurance company would opt for a painful needle biopsy that’s one fourth as effective… yet nearly 50 times more expensive!

Especially when a needle biopsy has the potential to do irreparable damage.

Consider the prostate, just one of the eight types of cancer we’re talking about today.

There are more than 31 million American men who will undergo PSA tests and needle biopsies this year on their prostate.

Together they make up a nearly $47 billion in annual business.

Yet liquid biopsy – once again – can do more than either of them with zero risk of impotency or incontinence.

It’s actually so sensitive it can spot the difference between a serious situation… and a low-grade cancer that most men can live with in good health for the rest of their lives.

Traditional tests can’t do that.

Having access to an accurate diagnosis by simply using a quick blood test means 90,000 men in the U.S. could avoid having their precious organs unnecessarily – and painfully – removed every year.

That’s why…

Liquid Biopsy Could Soon Replace 31 Million Prostate Biopsies and PSA Tests Each Year in the U.S. Alone

This first step by itself makes the market for this test worth over $9.2 billion per year in America – a 9,169% growth spike.

Remember, that’s just one type of cancer.

It’s a hugely lucrative market, no doubt, but it’s just a small part of liquid biopsy’s potential…

Because liquid biopsy is proving to be more sensitive, targeted and powerful than any cancer diagnostic tool in history…

Because it can be used as often as doctors deem necessary to monitor a tumor’s progression…

Because it’s got the potential to become an annual screening tool for early-stage cancer…

Liquid biopsy could expand the entire cancer diagnostics field by $30 billion annually right from the start, creating immense amounts of new wealth.

The proof – once again – is in the numbers…


Right now in the U.S., there are over 14.4 million men and women living with the most common types of cancer.

Once liquid biopsy hits doctor’s offices across the US, I predict that patients now living with cancer will receive the test a minimum of three times over the course of their treatment.

  • One to analyze their cancer’s precise genetic mutations.
  • A second to monitor the effects of therapy.
  • And a third to detect recurrence or remission after therapy is complete.

Now we can’t assume everyone will, so even if just 5% – a very small number – of the over 14 million people living with cancer received three liquid biopsies, that would create an instant market of $628 million a year.

That tiny sliver of market share would create the 724% return on investment I’m predicting all by itself.

And if you know my work at all, you know I like to cut numbers to the bone, working with the most conservative estimates possible.

But… here’s something else to consider that could quickly and easily blow those estimates out of the water.

The possibility of using liquid biopsy as a routine part of a person’s annual physical.

See, there are 86 million Americans over the age of 55… an age bracket that puts them at the greatest risk for developing some of the deadliest cancers.

Used as an early detection tool just once per year at their annual physical, these patients alone will generate $25.7 billion in liquid biopsy sales annually.

Add that to the 14.4 million Americans who have already undergone treatment for cancer. 

For them, one liquid biopsy annually to test for recurrence or remission adds another $4.3 billion in sales.

Adding together just those two patient groups, we’ve got an easily achievable $30 billion market for liquid biopsy in the United States.

At just $100 million right now, that’s a mind-blowing growth explosion of 29,900%.

Enough to turn early investors into millionaires many times over.

And Shah has uncovered the very best way to play the coming liquid biopsy boom with a single stock, because…

One Tiny Company Has Just Built a “Liquid Biopsy Factory” in Preparation for their 2016 Worldwide Rollout

And this is your opportunity to profit from every single liquid biopsy test that rolls off the assembly line.

But first, you may be asking… who is this “liquid biopsy factory” company?

And do they really have the chops and the connections to tap into a brand-new, multibillion-dollar niche inside the competitive medical industry?

So let me quickly say this…

This company’s founding advisors include high-ranking members of the Broad Institute at MIT, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Harvard Medical School.

One is Chairman of the Board of Scientific Advisors to The National Cancer Institute and was named Discover magazine’s “Health Inventor of the Year.”

Yet another was a principal leader of The Human Genome Project

Altogether, their leadership team has more than 116 years’ combined experience in the medical industry.

And they’ve received over 21 prestigious awards for their achievements in the field from institutions like The American Cancer Society, National Institutes of Health and the American Association for Cancer Research.

Those are just a few of the reasons they’ve already attracted a team of all-star backers including billionaire investor Yuri Milner and Google Ventures, the tech company’s venture capital arm that grabbed an 8.7% ownership stake.

In fact, Bill Maris, Google Ventures president says…

Another hugely positive indicator is the investment from none other than Bill Gates, who backed the company in a $13.5 million round of funding.

Gates believes this company’s visionary technology is “forcing medicine to think in new ways.”

Now, aside from Microsoft fame, Gates has an impeccable history of picking big winners in the biotech space.

Companies like ICOS, the maker of Cialis.

Gates, an early investor, claimed a 15% stake in the company, buying 5.3 million shares.

ICOS went from a valuation of just $166 million to become the largest biotech company in the state of Washington before it was acquired by Eli Lilly for $2.3 billion.

Investors who followed Gates’ lead would have captured an outstanding 1,635% gain.

Gates also grabbed a 12% stake in a biotech company called Seattle Genetics.

At the IPO, his 3.5 million shares were valued at $24 million. Today, those same shares have skyrocketed up to $178 million.

643% in pure profits.

Shah believes that this liquid biopsy company is the latest and biggest benefactor of the “Bill Gates Effect.”

That’s because…

Liquid Biopsy is Set to Disrupt the Course of Cancer Treatment Forever… for Doctors, Insurance Companies, Big Pharma, and Patients

  • Steering 14.4 million cancer patients toward highly targeted therapies that could rid them of cancer forever…
  • Potentially screening 86 million Americans over 55 for early-stage cancer BEFORE devastating symptoms arise
  • And saving insurance companies billions annually by cutting out high-priced chemotherapy drugs that don’t work… avoiding unnecessary surgeries… and slashing the cost of testing a tumor by up to 95%.

And the timing of this breakthrough couldn’t be better, because:   

America is Facing a Catastrophic Shortage of Oncologists and Liquid Biopsy Could Help Fill the Gap

A startling reality is that average, hard-working Americans don’t have access to high-quality cancer care.

Take a look at what I mean….

Every single yellow spot on this map shows a community with ZERO cancer specialists for every 100,000 residents. This is a crisis that’s only going to get worse over the next 10 years.

Millions of people simply cannot get decent cancer care.

So, what’s the solution to this epidemic? How can we make sure that farmers in the Midwest get as great of cancer care as bankers in New York?

As of now, there are just over 13,000 oncologists in the country. But there are 20 times that number of primary care physicians.

And as soon as those doctors begin using liquid biopsy… they’ll have everything they need to help diagnose, treat and monitor cancer on a genomic level.

In other words, any doctor in any size office will be able to practice precision medicine with cancer patients – simply by giving them regular blood tests.

Once liquid biopsy rolls out nationwide, there will be nearly 20 times the number of doctors able to offer the most advanced form of cancer care available.

That’s one for every 59 patients in the U.S.

Hard-working doctors get an additional income stream, and cancer patients – no matter where they live – get top-quality diagnostics that could save their lives.

Meaning an annual liquid biopsy to detect cancer could become as commonplace as a cholesterol check.

And that is why the U.S. government is also putting money behind the mass spread of precision technologies like liquid biopsy. And why…

High-Ranking U.S. Government Officials Are Calling Upon This Company’s CEO

I mentioned at the beginning of this presentation that The White House just launched a two-part $215 million Precision Medicine Initiative.

Its goal is to speed up the rollout of technologies such as liquid biopsy to give everyone in the U.S. “access to personalized medicine.”

Shortly after the White House announced this initiative, this company’s CEO was summoned to a meeting on Capitol Hill to discuss how personalized medicine could improve the health of Americans and even the health system as a whole.

The Precision Medicine Initiative goes into effect in 2016 and could make liquid biopsy a household name to everyone across the nation…

Just as this company’s tests are slated to hit the commercial market.

Potentially generating $30 billion in new wealth during the first year alone.

Big Pharma’s Billion Dollar Investment in This Liquid Biopsy Company Could Make it Too Valuable to Fail

So, the White House is backing liquid biopsy… Bill Gates and Google are too…

But there’s still an even bigger revenue source for this company I haven’t told you about yet.

If it were ever possible to have a “sure bet” in the stock market, I think this would be it…


Perhaps the most significant backer of this company’s technology are pharmaceutical companies.

Because liquid biopsy has the potential to create billions of dollars in new profits for them – and fast.

Remember, for the first time in history, highly-detailed tumor snapshots are available in real time.

Which means liquid biopsy test results are a data goldmine.

And pharma companies are looking to use them to quickly move their cancer drugs through the FDA approval process.

That’s because tissue biopsy – the old way – could only be done about once a month.

Now, drug companies could use liquid biopsy to monitor their drugs weekly, even daily.

Because all it takes is a drop of blood to get far more precise information without cutting into a patient.

That’s why the world’s largest cancer drug manufacturers like AstraZeneca and Bayer are all preparing to put liquid biopsy technology to work for them.

Anticipating it will ramp up approval of their backlogged drugs and ensure that when they hit the market, they work.

Which is a central reason why the world’s largest maker of cancer drugs – Roche – recently poured $1.03 billion into the liquid biopsy startup I’m talking about today…

To help rush their tests onto the mass market by 2016.

That’s the Kind of Deal that Only Happens “Once Every 20 Years”

You see, Roche is the world’s most successful cancer drug company, because they have an uncanny ability to spot the next big thing.

And Roche is now convinced that’s liquid biopsy.

Here’s why…

Roche’s cancer drug line made $25 billion last year for the company.

Mainly from five major cancer drugs they’ve got on the market.

  • Herceptin
  • Avastin
  • MabThera/Rituxan
  • Perjeta
  • Tarceva

Just five drugs. And here’s the thing…

They currently have 80 more cancer therapies stuck in their approval pipeline.

Given what I’ve just told you, what could help speed these desperately needed treatments through the approval process – potentially multiplying sales more than 10 times for Roche?

Liquid biopsies.

In fact, Roche says what liquid biopsy is capable of is “the key to successful treatment”.

That’s why they jumped at the chance to ink this historic deal with the company I’m talking about today.

And if history is any indication of what’s about to happen, liquid biopsy investors are in for a rocket ride.

Take a look…

After an initial $2.1 billion deal with biotech firm Genentech, Roche took three of their cancer drugs to blockbuster status.

Genentech’s stock shot up from $16 to $98.75 – which would have rewarded investors with a gain of 535%.

In 2014, Roche acquired biotech company InterMune for $8.3 billion.

If you had bought InterMune’s stock less than 24 months earlier, you would have had a chance to walk away with 902% returns.

Enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $100,200.

Now, I didn’t throw that return out there as a “woulda, coulda, shoulda” number.

No, here’s why it’s actually so important today…

Roche bought InterMune largely for the rights to its drug, Esbriet.

Esbriet treats a lung condition that only affects 100,000 people in the US.

It’s on track to bring in less than $500 million in sales this year.

Don’t get me wrong… these numbers are no small potatoes…

But just compare them to the jaw-dropping revenue boost that liquid biopsy promises!

With an initial market of 86 million Americans over 55 and 14.4 million patients already diagnosed with cancer… and projecting a per test price of just $299, we’re looking at over $30 billion in revenue as this company’s test explodes on the medical scene.

That’s 60 times more than InterMune’s Esbriet drug.

You can see why the outsize 724% returns Shah is predicting for early liquid biopsy investors now look perfectly reasonable.

And these gains could come fast!

Because Roche just earmarked part of a special $250 million fund to developing and moving this company’s liquid biopsy onto the commercial market by the beginning of 2016.

Roche also has plans in place to distribute this company’s tests to Europe, China, and other major markets…

Giving 15 million people diagnosed with cancer every year around the globe access the most cutting-edge diagnostics in medical history.   

That move alone could multiply this company’s market more than eight times over the U.S.

Which is why this company’s brand new, state-of-the-art “Liquid Biopsy Factory” – dedicated solely to developing these tests and getting them out the door – is so crucial.

But even an entire facility may not be enough to meet demand, even in the beginning.

 See, Roche isn’t the only pharma giant knocking on this company’s door.

They’ve also already cemented partnership deals and collaborations with over 20 companies, including four of the biggest in the world – Clovis, Johnson and Johnson, Novartis, and Celgene

Look, these partnerships are like a bottomless well of potential sales for this company’s tests…

And by now, I hope I’ve made one thing clear…


Before their first liquid biopsies leave this company’s factory floor and roll out to every corner of the world…

Before liquid biopsies become the frontline of defense against cancer for over 240,000 doctors in the US…

Before the sweeping Precision Medicine Initiative goes into effect…

Before every major pharma company signs on to pair liquid biopsies with their pipeline of highly targeted therapies…

And before the billions in institutional money swoops in, leaving everyone who had a shot – but waited – out in the cold.

Because this is your chance to watch your money grow an estimated 724% in the coming year.

That could mean turning a $10,000 investment into $82,400 in 12 months.

That’s more than most Americans make working a full-time job.

Look, I know it might seem crazy how Shah uncovers these huge, disruptive opportunities before others on Wall Street even have a clue. 

But I’m about to show you exactly how he does it… over and over again.

Shah calls it the Capital Wave Method.  And the “system” behind it is groundbreaking.

It’s the reason he’s able to pick some of the biggest winners in financial history.

Shah began his career as a Wall Street professional when he ran his first hedge fund from a seat on the floor of the CBOE in 1982. 

And after decades of working in the pit as a market maker, running the futures division at British banking giant, Lloyd’s… and helping develop the volatility index known as the VIX… Shah has made the most money by doing one thing…

Investing alongside huge Capital Waves.

See, when major technology breakthroughs like liquid biopsy disrupt an entire industry…

When currency wars flip trade relations on their head…

Or when changing demographics alter an entire nation’s buying habits…

Investable money makes moves.

But it doesn’t move in small, disjointed chunks.

It moves in massive Waves of Money – that is, Capital Waves.

Multibillion – even trillion-dollar shifts that move the needle, creating huge winners and leaving a trail of obsolete losers in their wake.

Take a look at how Shah delivers triple-digit opportunities year after year to those who follow his work just by knowing exactly how and when to get in and out of these huge movements of money.

Like he did after the U.S. Government released a 635-page report blasting big banks.

Goldman Sachs was hit particularly hard.

Then just two months later, analysts all over Wall Street were calling Goldman a phenomenal buying opportunity… all squawking about how the banking giant was ready to rally back up.

Shah knew better, sensing an even larger Capital Wave moving OUT OF financial stocks.

He made a call for potentially “unlimited downside” ahead.

Sure enough, Goldman’s share price tanked and Shah’s readers had the opportunity to book gains as high as 455%.

Enough to turn $10,000 into $55,500 in just 66 days!

Up next, Shah saw the writing on the wall for corn crops.

Massive droughts had driven agricultural commodities through the roof and he knew he was about to see them come crashing down.

He paired that trade with a different crop that would hold up against corn as a solid defensive play: tobacco.

Shah recommended his readers buy into Vector Group Ltd. just in time to get set up for 334% in cumulative gains on one single stock.

Giving them the opportunity to turn $10,000 into a $43,300 windfall.

Which is what he did AGAIN by paying close attention to the shockwaves that a US Airways–American Airlines merger was about to send through the industry.

He noticed some language buried deep in the merger agreement that required the newly formed behemoth to sell off some slots to low cost carriers like JetBlue.

Creating heavy price competition for the big guys.

And when he dug deeper into JetBlue, he saw that 21% of its floating shares had been shorted!

Shah loves an opportunity to buy heavily shorted stocks, then sit back and wait for the moment when one or two big investors buy in and, as he puts it, “scare the hell out of the shorts.”

“If it happens with JetBlue," he wrote, “the stock could double.”

But he was wrong.

The stock didn’t just double… It has nearly tripled!

Shah was able to spot that Capital Wave at the precise moment it started to swell and lead his readers to a cumulative 294% gain on JetBlue.

Turning a $10,000 investment into a $39,400 payday!

Just recently, Shah spotted big capital flows moving out of ITT Educational Services. His research zeroed in on impending lawsuits from the Consumer Protection Bureau before almost anyone knew what was happening.

He recommended his readers “short” the company before it became well-known they were in big trouble.

Sure enough, the stock tumbled and Shah’s readers collected 345% in 110 days.

Another quick $44,500 payday on a $10,000 investment.

Even more recently, Shah created another winning strategy based on his belief that the EU was on the brink of what he coined “The Great Unwind.”

By closely tracking the European Central Banks’ QE moves, Shah developed a simple play that brought home a 449% profit jackpot for his readers in just 36 days.

No matter what the market is doing, when you’ve got Shah in your corner… there are going to be multiple opportunities to pocket extraordinary returns.

Now, can Shah get these kinds of gains every single time?  Of course not. No one in the world can get it right every time.

But if you’re wondering why repetitive triple-digit winners seem to be “no-brainers” for him while others struggle just to beat the market by a few percentage points, I’ll show you here.

Shah’s developed his Capital Wave Method over thousands of hours of research, but it boils down to just three simple stages.

In fact, let’s listen to Shah explain how he’s perfected this system to pinpoint winner after winner…


Stage 1: Identify the Disruptor

A number of things can send a stock up 10% or 20% – a strong earnings report, insider buying, or a market-share-building merger.

But ordinary events like these will NEVER send a stock climbing 300% to 1,000%.

Only true disruptors can move a stock to this degree…

I spent 37 years as a professional investor. And the pattern is clear. The most explosive profits are always triggered by major global events, what I call “disruptors…” These are key events that change the entire world.

Disruptors can spin out of almost anything: a tiny subsection in a new law or government policy… a subtle demographic shift… a fluctuation in coal pricing… a new biotech breakthrough… a dramatic change in weather.

The key is knowing how to SPOT them. Before they’re mainstream news.

That’s why I built a method.

Every day I closely monitor the major sectors of the stock market… financial services, healthcare, industrial, and technology – all of them.

My team of researchers is at my disposal too, tracing the newest threads of a barely beginning disruptor or digging up the true size of what’s next.

But I don’t stop there.

I want the potential disruptors I’m looking at to deliver SOON – not in 12 years but in 12 months. 

With solid catalysts and the verified potential to shift billions of dollars in capital. That makes it worth my time – and your money.

So I track capital flows too, with four state-of-the-art industry tools and charting software.

I also gather intelligence from my vast network of industry contacts.

This very powerful combination is what led me to the one of the most lucrative market Disruptors I’ve ever seen – liquid biopsy.

This market is all but guaranteed to transform from what is now a modest $100 million industry into a $30 billion medical mega boom.

And I’m going to show you how to cash in on that huge Capital Wave.

But this is the only the first step in a 3-stage method I created…

Stage 2: Choose the Best Strategy

True disruptors will spark Capital Waves lasting two, three or even five years… delivering a steady stream of returns the whole way through.

Think of it as a ripple effect… the bigger a Capital Wave, the greater the impact.

And every company and sector that makes a big move is another chance for you to cash in.

As for liquid biopsy, I predict a massive growth spike in early 2016 ultimately leading to a 29,900% jump in revenues over 12 to 24 months.

And remember, liquid biopsy is set to enable drug makers to speed up commercialization of now bottlenecked cancer therapies.

By tracking FDA approval timelines and projected earnings, I am going to get you the information you need to get in on multiple potential paydays in the pharma space as well.

In fact, one of my best investment tactics for scoring payday after payday is using long positions to play the winners and inverse trades to play the losers.

I’ll even recommend both at the same time.

While the liquid biopsy company I’m tracking helps bring on the age of precision medicine, I’ll also show you how to make a bundle on collapsing drug companies with outdated products.

So once I determine when and how to enter each Capital Wave, I’ll send you a detailed outline of my best recommendations for maximum gains.

In it, you’ll discover what the trades are and what sides we’re playing.

I’ll outline every detail you need to maximize profits… like entry dates, allocation percentages, and double down opportunities.

The last stage of the Capital Wave Method is my favorite part…

Stage 3: Work the Trade

It’s where you can put REAL money in your pocket. 

And you can do it with little to no effort at all.

Every week, I track every technical and fundamental indicator that might affect all Capital Wave recommendations..

From this data, if I see a need to add to a position or take quick profits before a stock drops, I’ll issue a trade alert to your email inbox right away.

I’m also a huge proponent for risk management.

So for each and every one of our Capital Wave trade recommendations, I’ll be monitoring the potential risk on a daily basis.

I’ll also do everything in my power to squeeze the most profits out of a Capital Wave.

Like recommending a cluster of positions all linked to the same disruptor. Like I mentioned earlier, disruptors often create winners and losers.

They can come fast. But I’ll be all over them all the time.

Because while my minimum profit target is always 100% in the short term, I set a unique target on each opportunity – in the liquid biopsy case, it’s 724%.

And I’m expecting to get there with a stock that’s trading at around $17 a share – a company that’s perfectly poised to capitalize on this high-growth market.

I look forward to helping you profit from the most lucrative disruptors that produce huge, Capital Waves every week.

The atomic precision of Shah’s three-part method has even offered those who follow his work the chance to cash in on multiple Capital Wave payouts simultaneously!

Like three winners in one market session for a combined gain of 346%.

And four wins another day for a 1,478% combined return..

The craziest part is that these aren’t even the best examples.

In fact, I’ve watched Shah close out 15 winning trades on the same day for Capital Wave Forecast members – more than any other trader or analyst I’ve ever seen in my career.

Simply because he’s been able to turn the study of how disruptors impact capital into an exact science.

Using the Capital Waves he spots as leading indicators of stock prices.

As far as I know, he’s the ONLY one in this business to use a strategy like this.

And that’s why some people say he’s “contrarian.”

But, I don’t think you’re contrarian if you just happen to be right over and over again when the rest of the investing herd gets it flat out wrong!

Like when Shah saw that the European Central Bank stimulus was the disruptor that would cause the euro to begin tanking.

Shah called it the “first crack in the pan-European growth barometer.”

Predicting the euro would tank by 20%.

His strategy was to buy the Ultra Short Euro ETF.

And in less than three months, readers who followed his instructions took home 382% pure profits!

Turning $10,000 into $48,200 in just 91 days.

A cool $16,066 of income per month.

And here’s the thing: liquid biopsy is about to explode. It’s estimated to generate over $30 billion in new wealth for investors. 

So if you want a shot at your share, you need to get into this without waiting another moment.

But rest assured… this is not the only path to riches you’re going to get.

That is, if you agree to take a 100% risk-free trial membership today to Shah Gilani’s Capital Wave Forecast.

Because once you join Shah in tracking Capital Waves – following the big movements of money in and out of unique, disruptive companies – it’s almost as if the money never stops flowing to you.

Let Shah give you an example of one that’s coming up… Cybercrime.


Cybercrime is now gouging businesses to the tune of $445 billion a year.

Some cyber insiders refer to last year as “the year the Internet fell apart”.

And companies are desperate to stop the bleeding.

That’s why in just one year…

Major seven-figure cybersecurity deals have nearly doubled.

There are huge profits to be made here, if you know how to find the Capital Wave, where all the money is.

The average guy’s going to try and figure out the next thing in crime prevention. But, that’s a fool’s bet.

Modern hackers are sophisticated. Always one step ahead.

And since cybercrime risk keeps increasing, the money isn’t in trying to stop it. It’s in insuring against it.

Cyber insurance.

Fact is, last year cyber insurance generated $2.5 billion in premiums.

And that’s expected to nearly triple in the next five years.

This is one Capital Wave that’s going to look like the long end of a hockey stick pointed straight up.

And I’m tracking a cyber insurance company growing so fast it’s snapping up competitors before they can even get a foot in the door.

In fact, it’s the ONLY firm in the world that found a way to bundle $100 million of cybercrime coverage and full-on risk management into a single policy.

So when we’re talking about where the biggest multinationals in the world will go for their cyber insurance, this is it. And I’ve got the full story ready and waiting for you….

Then there’s the Geospatial Technology phenomenon emerging right now. This is the same technology that, in its rudimentary form, helped Hunt Down Osama Bin Laden

It’s a hyper growth, high impact technology that’s about to be virtually everywhere.

It’s made up of GPS, which you’re familiar with. But that’s not all. It also includes GIS – Geographical information systems – and remote sensing.

Used in combination, they create a freakishly accurate way to measure and analyze the earth’s features and find out exactly where things are on the planet.

Industries like utilities, telecom, transportation, disaster management, and real estate consider geospatial technology a mandatory part of doing business.

The overall market for this technology is growing 35% each year, but the commercial subset is skyrocketing 100% annually.

The US Department of Labor is spending $8.3 million just to make sure there are enough workers to fill the positions this growth spurt will require.

I’ve got my eye on one stalwart company that’s reinventing itself by launching its own geospatial technology business – all while paying out a 3% dividend yield.

With deep-rooted military and utility contracts already in place, this company is about to become an untouchable leader in the geospatial revolution.

Look, with the amount of money to be made right now, this is simply an incredible time to join Shah.

Not only will we rush everything you’ll need to get in on the liquid biopsy company, but you’ll also get access to every Capital Wave Shah is tracking right now – each one offering an opportunity to acquire what many would consider to be a lifetime of riches.

But if you wait too long, I know for certain you’re going to miss the chance to take home maximum gains on any of them.

That’s why it’s important that you accept this invitation to become the newest member of Capital Wave Forecast today.

The moment you sign up, you’ll receive Shah’s exclusive briefing on this exciting liquid biopsy company.

It’s going to walk you through its current and future operations, as well as give you a behind-the-curtain glimpse of liquid biopsy technology.

You’ll also discover:

  • How investing in this company could turn $10,000 into $82,400 in the next 12-18 months.
  • Why Shah projects this company’s liquid biopsy could quickly transform a $100 million industry into a $30 billion medical mega boom.
  • (And) How international distribution could give these numbers an almost immediate eightfold boost.
  • Plus, the technique for allocating your capital… the high-end price targets… how to enter a position… and how to exit for maximum potential gains.

And in case you have any doubts…

Just let history be the judge of the amazing potential in this deal…

Because there’s one thing we know without a shadow of doubt.

When a single test completely changes the way certain diseases are detected and treated, major Capital Waves get created – rewarding investors with exceptional gains.

Consider Abaxis, a diagnostics company out of California. They developed a portable blood test that was used to monitor patient treatment during the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

Abaxis stocked spiked from $1.13 to $61.48 for a gain of 5,400% over time.

Then there’s Accelerate Diagnostics, maker of a 1-hour blood test that can identify healthcare-associated infections in critical care patients, potentially saving 100,000 lives per year.

Accelerate’s stock jumped 10,400% since 2000, turning anyone who invested just $10,000 into a millionaire.

And of course, Meridian Biosciences, a small Ohio company that developed a test for rapid and early detection of pneumonia, the leading cause of death in children under the age of 5.

Meridian’s stock skyrocketed from just $1 a share to $34 for a phenomenal 3,400% gain over time.

So, as we move closer to the 2016 commercial rollout of this company’s liquid biopsy, Shahwill keep you updated each step of the way.

Here’s a closer look at what else you’ll get as a member of his Capital Wave Forecast research service…

Capital Wave Forecast Trading Alerts — Shah will give you his precise instructions and an outline of his strategy whenever his analysis indicates the time is right to take action. Whenever a Capital Wave is about to crest, you’ll receive an urgent sell alert to capture maximum profits.

Depending on your lifestyle and trading preferences, you can choose to receive text message notifications whenever Shah issues an alert to your email.

It’s his way of ensuring that you never miss a chance to maximize returns on every Capital Wave opportunity.

24/7 Access to an Encrypted Capital Wave Forecast Web Portal Where you can view the Capital Wave portfolio and see – in real-time – how each of our recommendations are performing and how the gains are racking up. You’ll also find an archive of every Capital Wave Forecast and Digital Tracking Alert here.

Plus, a vast library of research, investment tools, and bonus trading strategies designed to multiply your investment returns by up to 500% with less financial outlay.

FREE Subscription to Shah’s Wall Street Insights & Indictments Newsletter – This is your backstage pass to the “secret schemes” of hedge fund millionaires, traders, politicians and regulators. Shah not only divulges the truth, but shows you how to get out ahead of the market movers, so you’ll never be an outsider again. An invaluable resource for any investor who’s also a critical-thinker and the perfect companion to your Capital Wave Forecast subscription.

Capital Wave Concierge Service – A dedicated staff of 20 highly qualified professionals readily available whenever you need assistance with any part of your membership.

As soon as you join, you’ll get instant access to the 800 number that will connect you to them at no cost.

At this point, you may be asking… with everything you’re going to get, how much does it all cost?

Especially given Shah’s position as a Wall Street insider.

And as a formerly sought-after wealth advisor for very well-known celebrities and public figures…

I can’t reveal any exact names, but if I told you how much some of them have paid for Shah’s advice, it would give you goosebumps. Literally tens of thousands of dollars.

For many, getting access to this kind of insight from a hugely successful Wall Street veteran is worth over ten times the regular subscription price we charge for a full year of Capital Wave Forecast.

And which most people happily pay for the extreme profit opportunities they see on a regular basis.

But I know the best way to earn and keep your trusted membership in Capital Wave Forecast is to bring you on board with an unforgettable winner.

And while nothing is guaranteed, Shah is pounding the table for this liquid biopsy investment like I’ve never seen before.

Therefore, we want you to have the chance to get in TODAY.

Shah’s predicting that if you buy more than 100 shares of this stock, your cash could grow into $17,716 in the early stages of this liquid biopsy phenomenon.

That means pocketing over 4 ½ times the small fee you’ll pay for a Capital Wave Forecast membership today!

And as you’ll see, that’s actually not such an unusual event….

In fact, that’s exactly what happened for Hannah Turner when she earned 10X above and beyond the money she paid to join Capital Wave Forecast. In just two days:

Capital Wave Forecast member Elliot Duncan let us know that he profited 1,000% while everyone around him was losing their shirt.

And that his idea of the kinds of returns available to everyday investors got upended when he made $36,000 of pure profit in just three days:

And Capital Wave members the Bensons had an outsize payday after they cashed in on an 11,190% annualized profit:

In just 12 months, that would be enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $1.1 million.

Without ever needing to work a single day.

Now, I want you to get started.

I’m confident that this liquid biopsy trade has the potential to create a batch of millionaires out of a few savvy investors…

And this is your shot at being one of them.

And even though you’re about to pay thousands less than other Capital Wave Forecast members have in the past, you’re still protected by the same iron-clad, three-part guarantee, so there’s absolutely no risk to you.

Capital Wave Guarantee #1:
Take a full 30 days to dive into everything Capital Wave Forecast has to offer. If there’s even one thing you’re not satisfied with, call us and we’ll refund every penny you paid.

It doesn’t matter what it is. Just tell us you’re cancelling and you won’t pay a dime.

Consider this first 30 days a test drive with unlimited mileage.

Run it ragged and we’ll still give you a full refund of your subscription price. No questions asked.

That alone makes this offer 100% risk free, but that’s not enough for us when it comes to your satisfaction.

Capital Wave Guarantee #2:
If Shah doesn’t show you how to quadruple your “seed money” in the first year, we’ll refund every penny of your subscription.

Unless Shah is successful in his quest to help catapult you into the “super wealthy,” we don’t want to keep even the modest subscription price.

That’s why we’re promising that Capital Wave Forecast will present you with the opportunity to quadruple your “seed money” in the first year.

Of course, you can invest whatever amount you’re comfortable with…

But, if for any reason you don’t get the chance to make at least four times your money back over the next full year, call the concierge line and we’ll give you an immediate refund of every cent you spend to sign up today.

If you’re wondering why we can make this guarantee with such confidence, it’s because we believe you’ll be in a position to rake in even more as the $30 billion liquid biopsy Capital Wave begins to unfold.

Because Shah is predicting that liquid biopsy will hand investors 724% gains…turning that modest $2,150 into $17,716… within the next 12 months.

That’s over 4.5X the cost of membership… right back into your pocket.

Now, most services don’t have the chops to guarantee anything even close to that.

But we’re going to take it one step further for you today.

Capital Wave Guarantee #3:
You’ll get – at the bare minimum – 10 more recommendations with the potential to double your money or more in the next 12 months, or Shah will work for free.

That’s right. I’m promising 10 more chances to turn $5,000 into $10,000… $10,000 into $20,000 or $50,000 into $100,000 in the first year alone – in addition to what you could make on liquid biopsy.

In fact, with 10 plays that double your money, it’s even possible to compound those winnings and turn just $5,000 into well over $500,000 without adding any additional capital!

And here’s where I want to show you how strongly I stand by this promise…

If for any reason you get only 9 shots at doubling your cash in the next 12 months, Shah will work for free – along with his entire team – for another FULL year in order to make sure Capital Wave Forecast exceeds even your highest expectations.

Just call us and we’ll make the arrangements immediately.

What could possibly be better – three ways to absolutely make this offer as risk free as humanly possible… and give you every opportunity on earth to make a bundle.

You’ve got nothing to lose and potentially millions to gain by learning about this liquid biopsy company alone.

Already some of the most brilliant minds in the world – Bill Gates, Yuri Milner and the team behind Google Ventures – have staked their positions in this company.

And just like them, you now have a shot at getting rich while doing good. Investing in a technology that could help save 600,000 lives in America every year.

One of which, with almost near certainty, will be someone you know.

And I think you’ll be blown away by the many more fast-moving, potential triple-digit plays Shah’s got ready for you.

No one else I’ve seen has these.

I’m talking about extremely quick windows you won’t want to miss. It’s how you’ll get the most bang for your buck on a regular basis.

Here’s another one you still have time to get in on if you join today. Shah’s predicting profits of over 500% could be made in a matter of days!

SHAH: The AI Company That Google and IBM Could Soon Be Fighting Over

There’s been a little known buying spree going on for the last three years in an industry called “marketing automation.”

It’s part of the huge movement towards using artificial intelligence to shape how customers shop online.

Since 2012, companies like Salesforce, IBM, Teradata, Microsoft, and Adobe have snapped up eight different marketing automation companies.

At this point, there’s one solid buyout target left… and the big tech companies are circling like sharks.

And I’ve got seven powerful reasons why Google is going to make the winning bid soon.

If you’re holding this company’s stock when they do, get ready to collect a whopper of a paycheck.

All it takes is simply keeping an eye on your inbox for the green light from Shah!

So at this point, I have to ask… why hesitate and risk missing out on all this?

Especially when the global liquid biopsy market is growing exponentially right before our eyes…

When the U.S. Government, Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins, and MIT are doing everything in their power to turn liquid biopsy into cancer’s final enemy.

When we’re on the cusp of seeing this company’s product distributed in both Europe and China – which could make even the 29,900% growth projection a gross underestimation…

The liquid biopsy “factory” is nearing completion and shortly, the first tests will roll out and the distribution deluge will begin.

We’re ready to rush you everything you need to get set up as soon as you click the button below.

And, of course, even after you choose to become a member of the Capital Wave Forecast, you will have 30 days to test drive the service completely risk free.

And that’s in addition to TWO additional guarantees, unprecedented in the industry and never before seen.

So please, click on the button below to see how all of this can be made available to you today.

Or if you prefer to contact your new concierge directly, our entire VIP staff is standing by to take your call.

Call them toll-free at 1.855.509.6600 (or 443.353.4770 for international callers). Be sure to mention your priority code: WEDIS101.

You’ll immediately begin receiving:

  • The pick that’s launching the $30 billion Liquid Biopsy Capital Wave from scratch…
  • 12 months of Capital Wave Forecast, your inside track to Shah’s best recommendations
  • Regular Capital Wave Trading Alerts delivered right to your inbox
  • 24/7 access to the Capital Wave Forecast Web Portal
  • A 100% free subscription to Shah’s Wall Street Insights and Indictments newsletter
  • Private 800 access to the Capital Wave Forecast concierge service
  • A $2,150 instant rebate on your membership…
  • Shah’s three-part “work for free” guarantee…
  • Including a completely risk-free 30-day trial period…

You can get it all simply by clicking through to the next page.

And when you do, you’ll get an opportunity to review everything I’m offering BEFORE you make a decision.

Take the next step now and I look forward to hearing from you.


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Alex Williams
Associate Publisher, Money Map Press
November 2015

P.S. Please Note: This offer can end at any time.

Remember: The potential here is huge.  With returns estimated as high as 724%.  And that’s just for starters. 

Not to mention our unprecedented THREE guarantees. And the continual string of Capital Wave recommendations you’re guaranteed to see in the next 12 months.  

But please, act now. The link below could be turned off at any time.

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