Short-Side Fortunes

Hedge fund legend Shah Gilani’s newest research service lets you work “the other side of the trade,” where the money you can make is off-the-charts crazy. For years, Wall Street insiders have made sure these trades remained “off limits” to individual investors, keeping the profits for themselves. For those willing to break the old “buy and hold” rule, Short-Side Fortunes opens up a whole new world of investing that will allow you to make huge money when asset classes flip direction – no matter which way they turn.

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Would you be willing to break one of Wall Street's "golden rules" if you knew it could make you rich?

Rich, as in one million dollars or more?

I'm not talking about doing anything illegal or unethical.

I'm talking about a specific trade that would likely siphon money out of the hands of Wall Street’s big brokerage houses and institutions and make them hopping mad.

If so, please pay close attention, because in the next three minutes, you're going to learn about a specific trade that "flips" money to you – more money than most people could ever imagine.

This trade is especially effective today… with dozens of opportunities, faster one-day profits, and more potential for chart-busting gains. It’s worked for 87 years. But with everything that’s going on today, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

You simply start with a massive stock – in this case, Tesla.

You take one of the zigs or zags you see on this chart…

And you flip it like this…

Into a massive gain for you.

In this case, a small move for Tesla would have turned into a 3,275% gain. That's a 32-fold winner in a single day.

Now, you don't have to buy the stock… and you don't even have to like Tesla.

Most people have no clue about how this specific trade works.

In fact, I don't believe one in 10,000 investors has ever even tried it.

Can I guarantee you’ll make 3,275%? Of course not. Gains like that are exceptional and this trade isn’t for everyone.

Yet it IS responsible for some of the biggest fortunes ever created.

Consider Jesse Livermore…

By most accounts, Livermore was the greatest trader who ever lived. He was also one of the most hated men on Wall Street.


Because he broke Wall Street's rule and made a fortune doing this fast flip.

In fact, Livermore used the strategy I'm going to share with you today to snatch $100 million right out of Wall Street's back pocket.

Livermore made so much money – and made so many people furious – that Wall Street banker J.P. Morgan begged him to stop using the strategy.

Of course, Livermore told Morgan to take a flying leap, and kept on racking up his fortune!

And take John Templeton, another legendary investor…

As Wall Street big wigs went ballistic, Templeton used this trade to make $80 million in just a few weeks.

Did he peeve off a few insiders?

You better believe it.

But when asked about it, Templeton just laughed, saying it was the easiest money he ever made.

Again and again, history has rewarded those who used this trade with profits most people can only imagine.

Paul Tudor Jones used it to make $100 million in a single year.

George Soros used it to make $1 billion in a single day.

John Paulson used it to make $15 billion.

Did the Wall Street establishment hate these guys?


But they didn't care. Not one iota.

They were too busy counting their money.

If you don't mind going against the grain…

If you don't mind making Wall Street's blood boil…

If you don't mind chuckling while you rack up win after massive win…

Then get ready. I'm about to show you the single most lucrative trade on the planet.

The great part is, you don't even have to have millions of dollars to make this trade… or do it exactly the way Livermore or Soros did it, if you don't want.

There are a number of ways to make this trade, so that anyone can use it…

The only thing more impressive than the size of the gains is the frequency with which they occur.

In fact, you could use this strategy every single day the markets are open and make staggering gains.

Sometimes in just a few hours.

Had you made this trade on Tesla on June 22, 2016, you could have had the chance to book a 3,275% gain by the end of the day, like in the chart you just saw.

That gain wasn't in the news. You didn't hear about it on CNBC. Your friends and relatives didn't inform you of the event.

And I'm 100% certain not one broker in 10,000 knew how to make this trade

Let alone could show you how to do it.

Yet that's a 32-fold return in a single day – good enough to turn $10,000 into $320,000 in about 24 hours.

That's over a quarter-million dollars in a single day from trading Tesla!

And that's just the beginning of some truly extraordinary money…

Consider June 3, 2016…

For most people, this day was quickly forgotten. The Dow didn’t even budge. It gained just eight points on the day, less than 1/10th of 1%.

But for some people, June 3 was pure EUREKA!

People who knew how to do the “flip” could have traded Alphabet Inc. on June 3 for a staggering 2,400% gain. Take a look at the chart:

Think about that. In just a few hours, you could have traded this activist target, turning $10,000 into $240,000.

If you knew how to make the "flip" on June 3 on Delta Air Lines, you could have pocketed 1,000% in a single day…

That's a “10-bagger" in one afternoon…

Sure, you would have made the Establishment mad as heck by making this trade… but too bad for them, right?

And again, on the same day, you could have traded Bank of America for a 1,500% gain.

And Citigroup for a staggering 4,900% gain.

Think about that.

On the very same day, June 3, 2016, you could have made the "flip" on Alphabet for 2,400%… Delta for 1,000%… Bank of America for 1,500%… and Citigroup for 4,900%!

Not bad.

And just a few days earlier – on May 17 – you could have made the "flip" on Amazon for a staggering 13,253% gain in one day.

Hard to believe, no doubt, but that's a 130-fold return.

Good enough to turn $10,000 into $1.3 million in less than 24 hours…

That's over a million bucks in a day!

The great part about this strategy is that it gives you a way to trade the biggest stocks in the world…

And in a seemingly impossible twist…

Capture the biggest gains imaginable.

Of course, not every trade will make you a million bucks. And a few may even go down in value. So it’s not for everybody. But if you’re the type of person who likes taking a few speculative swings to get a shot at the big winners, the power of this strategy is undeniable…

And because the stocks you trade are so big and so liquid – no one can stop you…

Not the banks, not the market-makers, not the quants, not anybody!

Remember, you're making money on the trade itself – often in a matter of hours.

Another thing is, this strategy has nothing to do with owning these companies. In most cases, you don't even have to buy the stock.

It's just a trading technique. You don't have to own or even like the company to make big money.

This is something naturally built into the market. It occurs every day.

All you need to do is know how to access it.

The only reason you aren't already making money on this is because this strategy has been hidden from you.

I'm going to change that in the next few minutes.

The best part is, you can start with less than $500 and learn how to:

Turn your $500 into $5,000

Turn your $5,000 into $50,000

Turn your $50,000 into $500,000

And in some remarkable cases, even turn $500,000 into $5,000,000.

Now, you may be wondering, was June 3 an anomaly? Some kind of miracle day?

Not at all!

The reality is, opportunities like this are as constant as the "Opening Bell."

And when you know how to work this trade, every day becomes an opportunity to capture a fortune.

On February 5, 2016… you could have “flipped” LinkedIn for a massive 7,633% gain – in just one day.

On April 29… you could have scored 6,900% on Seagate Technology.

On June 2… you could have made 2,625% on Oracle.

And on July 18… you could have scored an easy 1,053% gain on Monster Beverage.

Day after day, this trade goes on. There's just no stopping it…

Check out these plays:

Like I said: day after day after day…

Are you ready to start racking up big winners?

Winners typically reserved for high-level, big-money traders?

In this briefing, you'll learn exactly how this powerful trade works.

I'll also explain why right now, at this moment in history, there has never been a better time to use this specific technique.

Plus I'll show you exact opportunities you can get in on immediately.

I'm talking about opportunities to make a potential 5, 10, even 15 times your money in the flip of a switch.

Put these trades together, and you're looking at the very real chance to amass a seven-figure fortune in record time.

These opportunities are sitting out there right now like low-hanging fruit.

All you need to do is reach out and take them.

There's a reason guys like Livermore, Soros, and Templeton have been so successful. It's because they have an "innate instinct" for the market… an instinct developed over decades.

Let me show you how you can harness that kind of "innate instinct" and ride it today for phenomenal upside potential.

This Is 100% Legal

My name is Alex Williams. I'm the Executive Editorial Director of Money Map Press here in Baltimore, Maryland.

I'm one of the key people responsible for everything you see from us – from our flagship Money Morning, with over one million readers…

To the stellar publications from Keith Fitz-Gerald, Dr. Kent Moors, and Michael Robinson.

Every day, Monday through Friday, I'm seeing triple-digit, even quadruple-digit gains, ripe for the taking.

I'm talking about opportunities to see gains of 3,275%… 4,900%… even 13,253%… sometimes in just a few hours.

But here's the thing: Most people – even very sophisticated investors – don't know how to capture these big winners.

That's why we decided to launch a research service devoted exclusively to taking advantage of these opportunities.

It's based on a powerful strategy responsible for THE ABSOLUTE BIGGEST fortunes in the history of the financial markets.

But, as I mentioned, chances are you've never even tried this trade.

That's because brokers don't tell people about it.

In fact, they consider it "off-limits."

And I can tell you right now, if you ask your broker about how to make this trade…

He'll say, "That's really not for you."

Point is, Wall Street insiders would rather keep this trade for themselves.

Considering how much money you can make – and how fast you can make it – who can blame them?

They'll even try to scare you by telling you the risk isn't worth it.

But the truth is, this strategy is absolutely available for you to use.

Like anything you do, it's not foolproof, yet once you know the secret, it's easy. It's simple. You don't have to sit at your computer for hours or watch hundreds of numbers stream across your screen.

And the money you can make is off-the-charts crazy.

I've already shown you how you could have used this strategy to see 3,275% trading Tesla…

And 6,900% trading Seagate Technology…

2,400% trading Alphabet….

1,500% trading Bank of America…

4,900% trading Citigroup…

7,633% trading LinkedIn…

1,000% trading Delta…

2,625% trading Oracle…

And 13,253% trading Amazon.

All in a single day – just by "flipping the charts"…

If Paul Tudor Jones can make $100 million in a single year using this strategy…

If George Soros can make $1 billion in a single day using this strategy…

If John Paulson can make $15 billion using this strategy…

Then you can use it yourself even if you're starting out with just a few hundred dollars.

Believe me – it's 1,000 times simpler than The Establishment wants you to know.

And as you'll see in a moment, conditions have never been so favorable to use this strategy.

The opportunities are popping up on a daily basis. All you need to do is reach out and seize them.

Are you ready to do that now? Then let me show you how this trade works…

As Simple as Flipping a Switch

Most people spend their investing lives as part of Wall Street's herd.

And the "herd rules" are simple:

You buy a stock or a bond, maybe real estate or commodities…

You hold the asset.

You make money when the asset rises.

And you watch your profits evaporate when the asset inevitably falls.

Simple rules to follow. But does anyone get rich from this formula?

Yes! Wall Street traders, hedge fund managers, banks, proprietary trading desks…

They get rich!

The average guy… well, he loses money.

The problem here is as old as the hills.

Yet the answer is so incredibly simple…

One that is so obvious that you'll bang your head on a door when you see it…

All you have to do is "flip the switch" and take the "other" side of the trade.

You see, there are two sides to every trade.

All assets (stocks, bonds, commodities, etc.) can move in two directions.

Unfortunately, Wall Street only tells you how to take one side of the trade.

Because, well, they want the flip side for themselves.

Not only is this severely limiting… but what's worse…

It means you completely miss out on the fastest, most lucrative money in the market.

The truth is, when you go against the grain… when you take the "other side of the trade"… a whole new world opens up to you.

In fact, the "other side of the trade" is where the big money is made.

It's where you can see gains of 3,275%… 4,900%… even 13,253%… sometimes in a matter of hours.

And the great part is, taking the other side of the trade is as simple as flipping a switch.

Take a look at this chart. When the stock in question falls, even just a little bit… people holding it lose money.

But if you flip the chart over, you can see that people who took the "other side of the trade" made a huge fast profit.

Same stock. Same day. It was just a matter of being on the right side of the opportunity.

And make no mistake: Being on the right side of the trade means the difference between getting crushed… and getting rich.

Let me give you an example.

Back in 2000, when internet stocks were going through the roof, everybody knew there was a bubble.

But what did most people do? Nothing.

They followed Wall Street's rule and stayed on the "buy and hold" side of the trade.

Consequently, most investors got hammered when internet stocks inevitably collapsed.

Not John Templeton. He knew where internet stocks were headed. As smart as he was, it didn't take a genius to figure this out.

Some of these stocks were trading at over $100 a share – and they had zero earnings!

So Templeton took the other side of the trade and made $80 million in a few weeks.

He said it was the easiest money he ever made.

Did George Soros care when he made $1 billion in a single day flipping the switch?

Did John Paulson care when he made a $15 billion profit flipping the switch?

You can do this too, as long as you're willing to break Wall Street's "buy and hold" rule.

And you don't need to wait for catastrophic events to capture massive gains.

Opportunities to make serious profits happen every single day the markets are open.

Remember June 22?

Tesla ran into trouble and fell about 1.4%. But people who took the other side of the trade saw a 3,275% gain.

That's a 32-fold gain in a single day…

Did you have to be lucky to cash in on this trade?

Not at all.

A few savvy analysts knew where Tesla was headed.

But it's ONLY the people who KNEW how to take the other side of the trade that made a fortune.

Again, it's as simple as flipping a switch. It's just a matter of knowing how to do it.

When you know an asset is going to fall, all you need do is take the other side of the trade and haul your profits to the bank.

Same thing again recently on July 18.

Monster – the $30 billion leader in the energy drink industry – got hit with bad news. The stock fell 5% in the first few hours of trading.

But people who knew how to take the other side of the trade saw a 1,053% gain.

See how simple this is? When you do this the right way, it really comes down to three easy steps:

  1. You identify an asset that is obviously reversing direction. I'll show you how to do this in a moment…
  2. You take the other side of the trade…
  3. You haul your money to the bank!

Once you know how to do this, profit opportunities can arise like clockwork.

Not long ago, inflation fears sent bond prices falling. Bad news for folks holding bonds.

But people who knew how to take the other side of the trade saw a 700% gain…

That's good enough to turn $10,000 into $70,000 in a single day…

And here's the most important thing for you to understand:

We are at a unique moment in history.

Stocks are rocking up and down…

Giant retailers are going bankrupt…

The Eurozone is falling apart at the seams…

Central Banks are experimenting with negative interest rates…

War in the Middle East is a constant threat…

ISIS affiliates have already hit France, San Bernardino, and Orlando…

Commodities are plunging…

The China bubble is bursting…

Emerging markets are on the brink of chaos…

You get the idea.

These are all REAL things. And the opportunity for creating wealth is unprecedented.

Today, I'd like to invite you to break Wall Street's rule and collect your share of the winnings.

In order to help you do this, we're launching our research service to show you how to make huge gains.

The opportunities are nearly constant… in stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, countries… you name it.

Make no mistake: The next months will see fortunes created. The only question is:

Will you get a piece of the action?

Of course, knowing how to make money taking the other side of the trade is a unique skill.

Most people have no clue how to do it right. That's why I'm so excited to introduce you to a man who is the foremost expert when it comes to making money by just "flipping the switch."

The Ultimate Insider

His name is Shah Gilani…

And if his name sounds familiar, it's probably because you've read his Wall Street Insights & Indictments

Or you've seen his analysis in Money Morning.

Or maybe you've seen him on CNBC, Forbes, MarketWatch, or other major media outlets.

In fact, every Monday morning, Fox Business sends a private limousine to transport Shah from his home in the Hamptons to the Big Apple, where Shah appears live on Varney & Company.

To say Shah is a trading legend would be an understatement of epic proportions.

Shah ran his first hedge fund in 1982 from his seat on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and has amassed a fortune for himself and his clients.

Shah is retired from the hedge fund game now.

Yet his past clients include entertainment heavyweights: actors, directors, and producers…

As well as many top-level Chicago and New York money and banking people.

I can't share names with you, but you'd recognize these folks instantly.

I'm talking about people with net worths in the $15 to $50 million range.

Bottom line: These folks could have anybody running investments for them – anybody at all. And they chose Shah Gilani.

You'll understand why in just a moment…

In addition to being a hedge fund guru, Shah has also run trading desks at prestigious international banks, like Lloyd's, TSB, and Roosevelt & Cross in New York.

Over his 35-year career, Shah has developed a proprietary trading strategy that has generated fortunes, both for Shah and his followers. Is he always right? Of course not. No one is.

But the good news is, right now, we are witnessing an unprecedented number of trading opportunities.

Think about it. For years, the Federal Reserve pumped money into the economy.

The result? Asset classes all across the globe, from commodities to currencies, from stocks to bonds, from China to emerging markets, have been artificially inflated.

And remember, what goes up too far… must come down.

Make no mistake: We are going to see very specific asset classes move in the opposite direction of what most regular investors would like.

And when they do, people who act now have a chance to turn the next 12 months into the most lucrative period of their lives.

There are so many hot plays emerging right now, it's hard to keep track.

In fact, listen to what Shah has to say about one opportunity unfolding at this moment…

The chance to make big money from global woes has been building for a long time.

You've got volatility ripping stocks apart and crushing them…

You've got the potential for 1,000-point moves in the Dow…

This is the kind of market that scares amateur investors into hibernation mode.

We know that right now there couldn't be a more perfect setup to make big money in these markets.

The last time I saw this kind of turmoil back in August of last year I gave my subscribers the chance to collect 956% cumulative gains – IN LESS THAN FIVE DAYS.

On a Friday, we closed out our downside position in solar energy behemoth Solar City for a 183% gain.

That same day we saw another 187% gain on a China-related company people thought was safe because it was domiciled in the Cayman Islands. It wasn’t.

The next Tuesday, we saw a nice 111% gain on an $11.6 billion cloud computing company called ServiceNow after I noticed a late-night binge of insider selling.

Then just one day later… when the market fell nearly 10%, you remember that scary day last summer… millions lost a bundle. But my readers saw a 156% gain on one simple directional bet.

While oil went down last summer, my readers had the chance to book a 115% gain by being in the right position at the right time.

And when China's stock markets hit the skids again and tanked 30%, we were in a position and saw a 204% gain.

So thanks to well-placed positions we made over the course of last summer… we were able to book 956% in total gains within a week!

That’s what volatility can do for you. And we’re going to see crazy volatility in 2016.

For example, right now, volatility is going to shake out a bunch of companies that wasted tens of billions of dollars when investors in their stocks run for the exits as they learn all that money just vanished.

This is an opportunity you can play right now for quick, massive gains…

It has to do with a not-so-pretty little trick I call the “Buyback Boomerang.”

Thanks to the Fed’s SUPER easy monetary policies, companies eagerly… on their own and sometimes more or less forced by activist investors… collectively spent trillions of dollars often taking on a lot of DEBT to spend, spend, spend… buying back their own shares.

It’s been an absolute binge. A stupid, expensive, wasteful binge.

In 2014, stock buybacks were more than $696 billion. In 2015 that number is expected to end up clocking in at an incredible $1 trillion.

That's a lot of money to spend on a practice that used to be tightly regulated, as in practically illegal because it was considered manipulative. As in manipulating your stock price higher.

But times have changed and the rules have too. Surprisingly, buying back your shares isn’t stock manipulation – it’s financial engineering.

You see, that financial engineering is about to boomerang back on a bunch of companies.

One tech company that’s wasting so much money… averaging $13 billion a YEAR… to buy back shares… still saw its stock lose 39% from its highs and is in trouble as it flirts with weak support.

And that spells huge potential profits for you.

I’m looking at a play that could turn a tiny investment into an extraordinary 1,900% gain by July as this stock plummets.

Another company spent $48 billion on buybacks so far.  

Instead of paying down some of its more than $25 billion in debt, or upping its dividend, it wasted a ton of money, and the market’s going to make it pay.

My initial projections are for a quick 164% gain on this busted buyback gamer.

And there’s another big loser that’s set to make investors even more.

It’s a crazy big company that’s losing business to new paradigm competitors online, and there’s not a lot it can do about it.

To try and boost their sagging stock they just announced a new $20 billion buyback program.

This debtor has more than $52 billion on its books, by the way. They could have paid down most of their long-term debt, but no, they’re wasting money on buybacks.

How’s it worked so far?

It hasn’t.

The stock is down almost 30% from its 52-week highs. And it’s going lower because investors are sick of it.

Investors could make a cool 300% on this loser losing ground to competitors while it burns through cash and adds to its debt load.

There will be a lot more big losers playing the “I’m sorry we wasted your money in the buybacks” crying game.

And you’ll get a chance to make a killing on all of them.

Knowing how to do the "flip" and make money from both sides of the market is a no-brainer.

Do it and have the opportunity to make some fast money. Shah will show you how it's done, step by step.

Shah knows what he's talking about. He's been doing the "flip" for 35 years. It pays to follow his lead.

You probably remember the market crash in January 2016, when the S&P 500 cratered 10%.

For most investors, this lightning correction was unexpected – and ugly. But right in the thick of this, Shah delivered double-your-money gains… three times in the same week.

As that pain extended into February, Shah’s readers could have pulled in

ANOTHER set of easy gains from the financial sector.

Altogether, during the worst start to the year in market history, Shah closed out six of his best trade recommendations for a combined 1,029%.

There’s nothing like cashing in over and over right in the middle of a market firestorm.

For example, on June 19, 2015, Shah determined the Chinese markets were in trouble, and showed readers exactly how to do the "flip" on China.

Just two months later, Shah told readers to cash out with 187% gains!

And he did it again… this time on August 19.

Shah spied storm clouds for China. He gave readers simple, specific instructions, showing them how to do the "flip."

Just one week later, on August 26, 2015, folks who listened had a chance to pocket 204%!

Not bad! But check out what happened yet again when Shah spotted trouble in the Chinese markets…

The funny thing is, Wall Street was pounding the table, telling anyone who'd listen that China was strong.

They were even issuing "BUY" recommendations right and left.

Not Shah…

Shah predicted a sell-off and showed readers how to take advantage of the pending fall.

Turns out, Shah was right… and when China hit the skids, Shah told his readers to take gains.

People who followed his research had a chance to see a 371% winner…

Good enough to turn $25,000 into $117,750 in a single trade!

While Wall Street licked their wounds, his readers laughed all the way to the bank!

And here's the thing: When Shah spots downward pressure on an asset class, he pursues it relentlessly, showing readers how to play it over and over for massive returns.

For example, just two weeks after taking 371% gains on China, Shah determined China was due to fall again.

He instructed readers to position themselves again, just six weeks later, and readers had the opportunity to score ANOTHER 238%.

And it happened again just a few months later.

Shah noticed the storm clouds over China. He told readers how to play it for ANOTHER 218% GAIN.

Think about it. If you had started by putting $25,000 into the first China play, and rolled your principal and winnings into each of the two subsequent China plays…

You could now be sitting on $1.2 million.

Of course, these trades have come and gone. But here's the great news for you:

Right now, at this moment, Shah is tracking another opportunity in China… an opportunity that could put those gains to shame…

As you'll see, the upside here is a potential five times your money. Maybe a whole lot more. Here's Shah:

Everyone knows the Chinese growth miracle is winding down.

Even if you take Beijing's "official" GDP estimates at face value, which is hard to do, given that in an $11.5 trillion economy, China claims it’s growing at 7% a year.

Meanwhile most analysts outside China say growth there is probably down to 2% to 5%.

Anyone can argue the numbers but you can’t argue with reality…

The growth rate China has enjoyed for the past 20 years is over.

But what’s really happening now and about to happen in China as slowing growth spreads across its economy could make you a lot of money – as much as five times your money, in fact.

You see, I’m zeroed in on a $2 trillion trade centered in China that’s about to go bust.

The thing about this trade isn’t just how massive it is. It’s that this trade CAN’T be systematically unwound.

Instead, it’s been stretched mercilessly and about to snap like a busted rubber band.

This crazy trade starts with copper.

China’s extraordinary growth cycle required massive amounts of commodities among other things, including, of course, copper.

With slowing revenues and less need for copper, manufacturers quickly figured out they could borrow against their copper inventories.

Why would they want to borrow against copper inventories?

With slow manufacturing revenues they figured they could make more money speculating.

As in buying high-yield Chinese investments.

Things like high bank rate CDs, like wealth management products. And, of course, high-flying stocks. It’s called a carry trade.

You see, manufacturers and speculators bought copper with dollar-denominated loans. That’s right.

They borrowed in U.S. dollars because the U.S. had the cheapest interest rates on the planet.

So they borrow dollars, go out and buy copper, ship it, and warehouse it in China.

That’s the “carry” part of the trade. Then, get this…

They go to Chinese banks and get letters of credit against the copper, which is the banks’ collateral.

They get loans denominated in yuan.

With that Chinese currency, they buy Chinese high-yield so-called "investments."

What’s happening are two of the worst things that could happen to this carry trade.

First, the price of copper is collapsing.

Think about that. Copper is the collateral for the dollar-denominated loans they got to buy the copper in the first place.

You know what happens when the price of that collateral goes down. You get margin calls.

It gets worse…

The second thing is the value of the Chinese yuan is dropping. In fact, it’s about to drop dramatically.

Traders who borrowed in dollars to buy their copper are collecting interest and their hope for appreciation on their so-called investments in Chinese yuan.

As the price of yuan drops against the U.S. dollar, all those loans that are dollar-denominated cost more to pay back.

As ugly as that's going to be, it's going to create a massive windfall for you.

The first trade I’m recommending is an outright bet against the biggest pure play copper producer’s stock there is.

In fact, this company’s stock has been slipping so drastically that it’s going to drop back to where it traded a decade ago around $10.

Only, when the stock gets cut in half, our very inexpensive, but beautifully leveraged play can make a 1,000% gain!

And, of course, we won’t miss multiple opportunities to make tons of money when the big China cat itself implodes.

Besides standing to make a crazy few thousand percent on a layup leveraged play that will cost less than a buck and will yield another potential windfall…

I’m going to recommend plenty of trades that will expose you to the illusion of China’s “thriving” economy – allowing you to profit from the most over-hyped market in the world.

As you can see, the opportunity in China is enormous. Remember, Shah has shown folks how to turn $25,000 into $1.2 million playing China.

Yet this new opportunity could be even bigger…

The important thing to understand is how fast these gains can be captured. Let me give you a recent example:

In June 2016, the markets were shocked when Great Britain voted to exit the EU. The next day, global markets lost $2 trillion dollars. In ONE DAY.

Shah was the ONLY analyst I’m aware of who not only publicly warned thousands of viewers on national television that the Brexit was a certainty… but actually showed his readers how to make a killing on it.

As global markets lost trillions, Shah’s readers could have banked a combined 432% that very same day.

And that was far from the first Eurozone profits they’ve had a chance to rake in.

Back on September 10, 2014, Shah determined that Europe was in trouble. The Greece crisis was weighing heavy, and the markets had taken a beating.

Thing is, Wall Street was painting a rosy picture. They were telling folks a resolution was imminent, and were calling the situation a "buying opportunity."

In other words, most people believed that Europe would go back up.

Not Shah. In fact, using his proprietary system, Shah determined that Europe was due to fall quite a bit more… and showed his followers exactly how to make money when that happened.

You can probably guess what happened. Shah was right. And on October 16, he told his followers to take gains.

People who listened had the chance to see a 449% gain in just four weeks.

It's amazing…

That's good enough to turn $25,000 into $137,250 in about one month's time.

And 449% wasn't the only win that day. In fact, over that same four-day period, Shah closed out 12 winning trades for 1,846% total gains!

Twelve trades – all held for less than six months – closed out for 1,846% in four days…

And while it might seem like a fluke, it's not. Assets fall on a daily basis.

Could be bad news about a company.

Could be rising interest rates.

Could be political trouble in a country.

Could be the next debt-ceiling fiasco from the U.S. Government.

Bottom line: What goes up too far must come down. And by following Shah's recommendations, you can make a fortune when over-inflated assets inevitably fall.

Again, it's like taking candy from a baby…

His track record proves that following Shah's recommendations can lead to huge upside potential, especially in today's top-heavy market environment.

Here's another example…

In August 2015, the markets had taken a hit, and most commentators were expecting a bounce.

But Shah disagreed. In fact, Shah determined the markets were destined to fall even more… and showed his readers a slew of different ways to trade for big gains.

Shah was right. The markets continued to fall and people who followed Shah's research could have seen seven wins for total gains of 1,076%!

If you'd put $25,000 into each of these plays, you could now be sitting on $442,000

Again, that's seven wins for 1,076% gains…

While Wall Street scratched its head, Shah and company were laughing… and his readers were hauling their winnings to the bank!

As you can imagine, Shah's readers are having a blast.

Joseph Patterson of Phoenix wrote to tell us he made almost "300% doing the "flip" on China plus 350% doing the 'flip' on the Dow and another 300% doing the flip on NASDAQ stocks."

Peter Ross of Chicago wrote to say he made "350% doing the 'flip' on China and another 330% doing the "flip" on U.S. stocks in just four days."

After the January 2016 trade bonanza, Francis Torren of New York wrote to say that he was "up over $13,000 in the last week."

Shawn Davis of Boston wrote to say he'd "knocked down 18 winners doing the 'flip.'"

Eric Douglas of the UK tells us he made an "'insane' 1,000% in just three days."

Mario Turner of Manhattan Beach told us he made "612%" and "621% doing the 'flip' on Europe," and another "380% on NASDAQ. "

And David Caplan of Seattle wrote to say he "made $70,000 on Shah's Tesla recommendation alone!"

I could keep going, but I think you get the picture: Shah's followers are having a whole lot of fun, and making a whole lot of money.

Are you ready to join them? As you can see, this is the easiest, quickest way to rack up massive gains most folks can only imagine.

Keep in mind, Shah's an expert at trading asset classes.

He made a fortune for himself and his hedge fund clients, and he can help you do the same.

Because of his expertise – his 35 years in the business – Shah knows multiple ways to play falling assets.

He knows how to "short." He knows how to use options. And he knows how to make big money on falling assets without shorting or using options.

Point is, whatever your comfort level, Shah will show you how to pocket huge windfalls when assets fall. And he'll do it in a way that's right for you… over and over again!

That's exactly why we launched our service. As a member, hardly a day will go by that you don't have a chance to close out a winning trade.

More about this in a moment. First, let's hear about another situation Shah is ready to pounce on.

One of the biggest bubbles nobody's paying attention to is happening in the luxury goods market.

Over the past five years, the price of a Chanel handbag has increased by 70% to a ridiculous $4,900.

A Cartier gold bracelet now sells for $16,300… 48% more than in 2009.

For goodness' sake, luxury e-tailer Net-A-Porter sells more than 100 different pairs of shoes priced over $1,000… an amount unheard of just a few years ago.

In fact, in the last decade prices of luxury products have risen by 60%.

And the "cost" is only going to increase even more.

That's because margins are getting squeezed by raw materials like steer hide, cotton, cashmere, and gold.

And labor costs are rising exponentially…

Like in China, where the monthly average wages have almost doubled in the last 10 years.

That's not good for consumers who will see their favorite luxury goods getting more and more expensive.

And it's certainly not good for the luxury goods makers who are going to suffer from customers who refuse to keep paying more.

But it's going to be very good for you.

Because you have a chance to make a tidy fortune positioning yourself in one luxury goods maker that's about to head south.

You see, this company is a huge brand and a global juggernaut. And that’s exactly the problem.

While most of this company's high-end products are manufactured in places where currencies are skyrocketing, increasing the cost of their products…

This company's biggest customers are in countries whose currencies are dropping like bricks.

Sales are already slipping, but the deepest cuts are coming.

This $37 billion-in-sales company is about to see one of its top brands completely halt production.

Sales in Asia – where most of their growth comes from – recently fell 6% in one quarter alone for their top brand.

From here, I expect to see the stock for this famous brand behemoth dive straight down.

The conditions are setting you up perfectly to make a very tidy, and pretty quick, double- or even triple-digit profit on this position.

Yet it's not the only "easy money" luxury brand trade.

There are plenty of other luxury goods companies and branded names that are going to get hit starting this year as currency wars heat up.

You'll have the perfect opportunity to flip all of them for luxurious profits.

Remember, when a trend starts, Shah knows how to play it repeatedly for big winnings.

For example, in one month, Shah told readers to close out 12 winning trades for 1,851% total gains!

If you had put just $1,000 into each of those trades, you could have walked away with a stunning $222,216.

That's nearly a quarter-million dollars in a single month!

Again, Shah doesn't get every recommendation right. No one does.

And when it comes to investing, nothing is guaranteed. So you should always limit your downside. But with Shah's expertise… his 35 years' experience… and his track record…

You can be sure of one thing: Following Shah's recommendations gives you a very real shot at massive upside potential… especially in today's inflated market environment.

So let me show you how to take advantage of these trading opportunities, starting immediately…

A Whole New World

Go ahead and give our research service a try. Simply hit the subscribe button at the bottom of this page.

As a member of Short-Side Fortunes, hedge fund legend Shah Gilani will take you under his wing and show you exactly how to make big money when asset classes flip direction.

Remember, the greatest fortunes from all time are the result of taking the "other side of the trade" on assets.

John Paulson made $15 billion as the subprime mortgage market melted down.

And Shah Gilani has showed his readers how to rack up exceptional gains of 218%, 238%, 371%, 455%, 456%, and more.

In fact, Shah once showed readers how to close out 14 winning trades in a single day.

He showed readers how to turn $25,000 into $1.2 million in three trades.

He showed readers how to pocket 1,477% total gains in one day.

Starting today, you are going to have an opportunity to participate in trades of this magnitude.

As a member of Short-Side Fortunes, you'll have the rare chance to immerse yourself in the world of trading…

To fully live and experience the thrill and exhilaration of tracking and playing out life-changing trades.

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Shah will walk you through the entire trading process… show you how to start with a small initial position size…

Identify potentially lucrative opportunities…

Minimize risk, and seize winners for potentially massive payouts.

With Shah's expert guidance, Short-Side Fortunes could become the most valuable membership you'll ever have.

And make no mistake: You will hit the ground running.

Shah is constantly monitoring the markets using his proprietary system. The moment he spots a chance for big gains, you'll be the first to know.

As a subscriber to our service, you're going to see opportunities in virtually every asset class on the planet.

Shah's currently looking at opportunities to bet against: commodities, currencies, stocks, bonds, ETFs…

Countries, leveraged loans, shopping malls, Chinese financial companies, Chinese real estate, retail companies, oil…

When you look at the energy market right now, most investors see red.

But I see endless, explosive opportunity.

Just think of all the players that got greedy and then got devastated by crashing oil prices…

Banks that are over-loaned in the energy sector…

Banks that took the wrong side of hedges from oil and gas producers…

Shipping companies…

Pipeline companies…             


Rail tank manufacturers…

And of course, the explorers and producers themselves.

As bad as it’s getting for all of them, it's going to be a windfall for you.

Because besides all the plays you're going to want to make on these teetering companies… and on oil itself as it loses another almost 50% from here…

There's one play that could make you a few hundred percent, maybe even a few thousand.

It's simple math really.

You see, in the U.S., oil and gas companies have about $570 billion invested in domestic production.

That's a lot of "investment capital" that they need to see a return on.

They have no choice but to keep producing more oil to create revenue, just to cover their investments.

But it gets worse…

The explorers and producers have over $235 billion in debt they need to pay back.

And the only way to pay off that debt is by producing revenue from selling oil.

Oil producers are desperate. And not just companies. Entire countries.

With desperate U.S. producers pumping furiously to cover their debts…

With Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Venezuela pumping at record levels to hold onto market share…

And with a distressed Russia needing cash…

Everyone is going to keep pumping.

Now that puts the most pressure in a surprising place – sovereign wealth funds of several particular countries.  

Nobody else is looking at this yet.

But they will be.

And you’re going to be set up to profit from it first.

These are state-run institutions that take the revenue from the sale of oil and invest them in portfolio assets – U.S. treasuries, other bonds, real estate deals, and all kinds of stocks all over the globe…

They’ve amassed a lot of wealth over the last 10 years.

But with plunging oil, their revenues have been cut off.

Their economies aren’t diverse enough to make that up.

They can’t go further into debt because that affects their credit ratings.

So what’s left?

They need to start selling some of these investments to meet budget requirements.

By my own projections, one of these sovereign wealth funds will have to unload $500 billion in a year.

Investors can play that with big-picture trades.

There are a lot of profits on the table.

But right now I've got a way for you to play this all, without getting your hands dirty.

You're going to buy your way into a windfall on the upside as the price of oil slides and these sovereign wealth funds take a beating.

It's a simple trade that a lot of folks haven't figured out.

But I have.

In fact, it's so simple, you're going to wonder why you didn't think of it yourself.

Let me tell you something about this trade…

When it comes… when it hits… it's like lightning.

I’ve shown my readers how to make this trade before for 52% in 6 days… 100% in 18 days… 165% in 22 days…

I'm looking at you making fat triple-digit gains on this play in 2016, maybe even a few times.

It's going to be that good of a play, and I can't wait for you to get into it.

You name it, and Shah will show you how to play it for big potential wins, over and over again.

We are at a unique moment in history. Money is flowing in and out of assets at a phenomenal pace. Nearly every day, there are opportunities to turn trading savvy into mega gains.

Remember the "flip" on Tesla for 3,275%…

And on Alphabet for 2,400%…

Bank of America for 1,500%…

Citigroup for 4,900%…

LinkedIn for 7,633%…

Seagate for 6,900%…

Delta for 1,000%…

Oracle for 2,625%…

And on Amazon for 13,253%…

Day after day after day, the smartest traders use this trade to rack up the biggest, fastest, easiest fortunes imaginable.

Now you can experience this kind of potential for yourself, simply by giving our research a try…

Of course, you are probably wondering how much all this costs…

That's the great part.

You see, Shah used to run hedge funds. His clients included very wealthy people. I'm talking about people with a net worth of $15 million… $25 million… even $50 million.

The fees folks like this pay to managers for high-level results are, by industry standards, 20%.

It's not uncommon for investors to fork over $100,000… $200,000… even $500,000 in fees.

And you know what? When you get results like these… it's worth every penny.

Now, Short-Side Fortunes has a very meager listed price.

But if you're among the first 250 to respond today, by clicking on the button below, you can lock in a full year for even less.

And you'll not only get access to the most lucrative trading opportunities on the planet – opportunities that could hand you potential gains of 456% or more…

You'll get access to them without any obligation.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Go ahead and reserve your spot as a member of Short-Side Fortunes.

Try it out for 30 days, and give the service a full inspection.

Dive in… enjoy yourself! And pay close attention to Shah's trading recommendations because the opportunities he's now tracking could make you very wealthy, very soon.

If you are not absolutely thrilled and delighted for any reason, just say the word… and I'll give you a full and prompt refund of your subscription cost… a 100% refund… no questions asked.

I think you'll agree: That's as fair as it gets.

We are on the verge of epic shifts in the global economy. Money is going to be flowing at a staggering pace… rushing in and out of assets on a near-daily basis.

This means opportunity… the same kind of opportunity that savvy traders have been using for generations to make fortunes.

Now it's your turn. We look forward to working with you.

And if you'd prefer to join by phone, please contact our VIP Member Services team at 1.855.509.6600 (1.443.353.4770 for international callers) and mention your Priority Code: WSPNS812. They'll answer any questions you may have and sign you up right away.


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